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Real Men Crochet Paracord

Real Men Crochet Paracord/* custom css */ { text-align: left; } img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } Crochet Paracord: Just Another Reason to Learn Crocheting You can crochet with anything! And that means items you'd normally throw away can be turned into any number of handy items. I have seen multiple examples of projects crocheted from plastic bags, T-shirt fabric and even cassette tapes . I will even admit to a single occasion when I attempted to crochet with licorice. It is very difficult as the strands break easily and just taste so good. The point is that crochet skills are a tool to turn any length of material into pouches, bags, netting, cords, belts and more . Related GunDigest Articles Real Avid Introduces the Gun Boss AK47 Cleaning Kit Photos: 5 Best Survival Handguns This is especially true when it comes time to crochet paracord for later use. Why to Learn How to Crochet Paracord A few days ago, my dad sent me a short video about a guy who knits with parachute cord, allowing him to create a strong strap and convert a large length of cord to a utilitarian and manageable length. This practice is popular with those preparing for emergencies, outdoors enthusiasts and many others. In a situation that demands a length of parachute cord, it's important to be able to unravel paracord in a hurry. While some wear paracord bracelets for this purpose, going the DIY route and crocheting paracord is a good choice for making customized widths and lengths of paracord. Instead of just paracord bracelets, you could make any number of wearable options.

Nikon Buckmaster vs ProStaff Scopes – Which Are Better? (ANSWERED) Photo by Andy V. / CC BY Before we dive into the Battle between the Nikon Buckmaster vs Prostaff , we have to realize they are both Nikon scopes. Nikon as a brand is a significant powerhouse in the optics realm. They grow every year and produce optics for everything. I’m not just talking scopes. They produce cameras, lenses, and even industrial microscopes. In other words, Nikon knows their glass. Nikon also has an outstanding warranty and testing program. I happen to know one of the gentlemen involved in the testing and they put those optics through hell. If they don’t pass the tests, they don’t make it to production. Nikon also aims to make a wide variety of optics at every price level. This includes the extremely expensive Monarch line and the new miniature red dots known as the Spur. Sitting in the middle are the Prostaff and Buckmaster lines of optics. Both are mid-range optics in terms of price, but high range in terms of performance. We are going to be specifically comparing the most modern optics in this line. For the Buckmaster, it will be the Buckmaster 2. The Prostaff is in its 5th generation and is known as the Prostaff 5. Nikon Buckmaster vs Prostaff Round 1: Options Neither the Buckmaster or the Prostaff is a monolith. Both are names that apply to a line of optics with different magnification levels. To be fair, the Prostaff line does have 5 Generations as well as a rimfire option. You are going to find more Prostaffs than Buckmasters. Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC Riflescope, Black, 2.5-10x40 Price: $279.00 Price as of 08/14/2020 13:01 PDT (more info) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Nikon Buckmasters II, 4-12x40mm, BDC, Rifle Scope Price: Price as of 08/14/2020 00:19 PDT (more info) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. The current line of Buckmaster 2’s includes models with magnification ranges from 4-12x and 3-9x. The Prostaff 5 line includes magnification ranges of 2.5 -10x, 3.5 -14x, and 4.5 -18x. So you even have one more option if you bring it to only the Prostaff 5 line. What’s interesting is the Prostaff 5 and Buckmaster do not share any magnification settings. Nikon Prostaff 5 FFP - BDC Reticle [THE HUNGER] Watch this video on YouTube

Best Car Holsters of 2020 | Complete Buyers Guide

Best Car Holsters of 2020 | Complete Buyers Guide

Many people don’t like to wear their holsters while driving their car and you may not always be able to carry your weapon as you get into, or out of your car. Considering such a plethora of situations, dedicated car holsters are a great way to stay safe on the road . Here we’ll talk about different types of car holsters and the great features available. We will also talk about the precautions and actions you must take when you get pulled over by law enforcement officers while you’re carrying a weapon in a car holster. Finally, we have outlined and reviewed the best car holsters on the market to help you with your buying decision. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Car Holsters OUR TOP PICK: RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount Holder Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet (2-pack) MytypeMag Magnetic Gun Mount PUG Handgun Holster Mount BEST BUDGET OPTION: Ride Ready Ambidextrous Genuine Leather Car Holster Comparison of the Best Car Holsters IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick RYMMES "Gun Magnet Mount" Holder Made from lightweight, durable rubber Designed to hold objects up to 45 pounds Intends to hold concealed carry pistol holsters View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet (2-pack) Small Size High-Power Neodymium Magnets Mount Any Firearm Anywhere Veteran Owned Company With Lifetime Warranty "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" MytypeMag Magnetic Gun Mount Hidden Screw Holes and Protective Coating Allows for chambering a round while dismounting Solid Mount for Both Small and Large Handguns View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews PUG "Handgun Holster Mount" For Use With Holsters and Pouches Having Clips Screws Tightly to The Surface Leaves Enough Room For Attaining Proper Grip View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Vehicle Holster Multi-Mount Adjustable Mounting Base for Holsters and Other Attachments Makes the Gun Quick and Easy to Access For Holsters and Items With Belt Clips View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Keeper Mag Magnetic Gun Mount 35lb-Rated Powerful Magnet for Guns Scratch-Resistant Shockproof Finish Can Be Mounted Anywhere In Car, Home, or Office View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Ride Ready "Ambidextrous Genuine Leather" Car Holster Steering Column Holster for Easy and Quick Access Concealable Design for Secure and Non-Offensive Carrying Mounts Easily Without any Holes or Scars View Latest Price Read Customer Reviews Features That Make a Great Car Holster As with any other product, a car holster has some qualities which make it great and effective. These include: Easy to Mount A good car holster must be easy to mount. It must be compatible with different types of surfaces and should not take much time for installation. Furthermore, the installation and function of the holster should also be reliable. A car holster must also be easy to conceal, so as to prevent any curious passersby, co-occupants, or burglars to view it. Quick Access A good car holster must provide quick access. Things can get out of control within the blink of an eye. Your car holster must ensure easy accessibility and a proper draw so you can attain the quickest response time. Secure (Doesn’t Fall Out) A good car holster should securely hold your gun into place. A weapon may drop out of the holster or magnet mounts on bumpy roads, while off-roading, or driving over potholes. Magnetic Gun Holder ( Source ) A good holster must ensure the gun doesn’t fall out, so you don’t have to search for it and also to prevent accidental discharge or damage to your weapon. How Does a Car Holster Work? A car holster can be attached to some areas of your vehicle that may allow for excellent concealability and keeping your pistol out of plain sight. You can attach your pistol underneath the steering wheel, between the console, or in your glovebox among other places. A car holster will be low-profile and will be best used if you intend to conceal carry in your vehicle. Quick Take - The Best Car Holsters These are our recommendations for the best car holsters: RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount Holder Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet (2-pack) ​MytypeMag Magnetic Gun Mount Review of the Best Car Holsters Below is a list of the best car holsters that are available on the market. While going through the list, be sure to find a car holster that will allow for the best concealability possible. Placement will be important, so find a holster that will be fitting of exactly where you want to put it in your car. Also, take note of any features or characteristics that stand out as interesting to you. Now, let’s take a look at the first car holster on our list: Based on the qualities mentioned above, we have handpicked and reviewed the best car holsters on the market. These holsters are the best in their category and conform to the best specification and qualities. The list below includes some of the best deals on the market, offering you exceptional value for money. Best Overall: RYMMES Gun Magnet Mount Holder CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Super durable construction Gives pistols and holsters an excellent hold Easy to attach and store in places like car door handles Works with any pistol Comes with additional screws and adhesives for easy installation Cons Some drilling may need to be required for installation Adhesive may not do a good enough job of holding the magnet What Recent Buyers Report One of the major things that stood out as impressive was the power of the magnet being able to hold the pistol in place. Furthermore, they were able to place this just about anywhere in the vehicle where it will allow for easy concealability. They’ve placed this under steering wheels, between the seat and the console, and even inside the console itself. One user said he had such a hard time choosing where to put it because he had so many options. But he ended up placing it under the steering wheel. Why it Stands Out to Us While not entirely a holster, it’s a couple of magnets that are powerful enough to keep a pistol secure and intact. Which means it won’t shift or move around on its own. The magnets are encased in high-quality rubber which is intended to protect the pistol you choose from any scratches or scuffs. Of course, the installation will be a breeze because all you have to do is stick it on to the desired location. If you know your pistol is going to keep out of sight in a specific spot of your vehicle, then you know where to install it. This gun magnet holster is considered one of the most discreet concealed carry accessories on the market. These are designed to stick in some hidden areas where you carry your pistol (when it’s not attached to your waist or belt). This magnet can be attached under your driver’s seat, one of your car doors, or can be attached in your home in a secure area like a kitchen cabinet or under your bed. The magnet isn’t just strong when it comes to holding itself in place. It can handle almost any concealed carry pistol you can think of when it’s attached to its holster. So if you have a Glock 19 or smaller pistols like a Walther P22, the magnet might be able to handle them. In fact, the magnet itself can handle up to 45 pounds in weight. While there are not too many guns that weigh that much, you know that it’s strong enough to hold some heavy-duty guns (so long if they can fit. Who Will Use This Most This magnet will be perfect for those looking for something that is simple and easy to set up. It is without question one of the easiest go-to options for carrying a pistol in your vehicle without all the extra material. It doesn’t matter which pistol you own if you have magnets like this and a car with a good amount of hiding spots they will certainly give you the edge over anywhere who may be stupid enough to threaten your life. Bottom Line The Rymmes Gun Magnet Mount Holder is probably the one great alternative compared to regular holsters or any car holsters that will fit in small spaces. But make sure you place it in a good hiding spot so you are able to know where it is at all times (and you can take any attacker by surprise. If you want to take concealed carry to the next level, the Rymmes Gun Magnet Mount Holster will definitely be the must-have accessory for your home or automobile. If you can’t keep your pistol holstered and attached to your belt, at least you have an alternative of where to store it just in case you need it. Runner-up: Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet (2-pack) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Adhesive Backing Lifetime Warranty 25 lbs Weight Tolerance Compact Size and Easy to Conceal Rubber Coated With Recessed Screw Hole Easy to Install and Includes Mounting Screws Cons Small Surface Area Requires drilling into your cars interior "What Recent Buyers" Report These magnets were a hit with many buyers and for a good reason. They were easily compatible with most pistols of any given size. Full-sized, compact, or subcompact the new users were able to put them to good use in just about any blind spot their vehicle had. One user even put his compact pistol inside the console so he could easily access it in the event that he needed to. Why it Stands Out to Us Once again, we take a look at a pair of gun magnets that will be fitting in just about any spot you can find in your vehicle’s interior. This time, it will have the ability to handle so many pistols across many different sizes. They can even handle some of the heavier pistols. In fact, it can hold up to 25 pounds in weight. If that isn’t impressive for a couple of magnets, we’re not sure what is. The magnets are coated so the pistols you own are well protected and won’t be scratched or damage when you are drawing or replacing them back on the magnet. The Tacticon Halo Gun Magnet is probably the most minimalist and intelligently designed car holster on the market. The gun magnets come in a two pack, where the mount is simply a neodymium magnet the size of a quarter. The mount has a recessed hole in its center which can be used to drill a screw on any surface to make it even more secure. Additionally, the mount has an adhesive backing to help you stick it before installation, or just to check various mounting places. The mount has a rubber coating which protects your weapon from any scratches. Preferred locations for mounting a gun in your vehicle are inside the glove box and under the steering wheel. These mounts can also be used to store long rifles like the AK-47. So it is a complete win-win. Who Will "Use This Most" This will be the perfect magnet for anyone that might be looking for a great accessory for pistol owners. No, it’s not a regular holster. But you can best make sure that it will make any other holster look silly for using all that extra material. If you want something that will be really quick to draw and super easy to install, this is what you need. Bottom Line "The Tacticon Halo" Gun Magnet is without a doubt one of the best options you can find if you want to conceal carry your pistol in your vehicle. You’ll have plenty of spots to place these magnets, which in turn will lead to excellent overall concealability. Super durable and easy to install, it’s nothing worth underestimating. The Halo Gun Magnet is a very compact and easy to install solution for your car carry needs. The magnet is powerful and safe for your weapon. The company also offers a lifetime warranty which is a plus. Considering the price, this pair of gun mount magnets offers the best value for money. Good for compact and mid-sized guns. ​Best for the Money: White Rhino Gun Magnet Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Quick and Easy Access Polymer Coated Design Works With Many Handguns Very Strong Holding Capacity Allows for simultaneous chambering during removal for instant readiness Cons Only fits handguns with a flat-top slide Requires drilling to mount What Recent Buyers Report This holster was  impressive in terms of quality and performance for most users. Not only were they easy to install, but they were also able to hold numerous pistols of various sizes. Even one user said that one pistol that was a bit heavy when fully loaded was able to hold when placed on these magnets. He said they were a perfect fit when it was attached to the steering column of his truck. Why it Stands Out to Us Unlike the previous gun magnet that we’ve reviewed, this mount has a special feature. Once your handgun is inserted, there's a protrusion that holds the slide still - allowing you to chamber a round by just pushing down on the grip. Users really appreciated the ability to rack one into their chamber upon removal. As always, it’s coated to protect the pistol from any damage. On top of that, you can easily install this in as little as five minutes. The Mytypemag holster is a flat, rectangular, strong neodymium magnet, which can be mounted on any surface using four screws. The magnet mount can hold weights up to 50 pounds which makes it perfect for mounting large frame pistols and revolvers. The strong magnet grip holds securely even on a bumpy road which ensures your firearm will not drop. The magnet is coated with a polymer to prevent it from scratching your gun and is thick enough to allow your fingers to easily grab the weapon. This magnet mount is safe for prolonged use as it won’t polarize your gun. It can be mounted at a position most convenient to you. Who Will Use This Most This will be a gun magnet for those looking for an option that doesn't just hold their weapon close, but allows them to be at the ready even faster. The quality is great and the hold is quite strong, to say the least. Simply put, it’s what a gun magnet is supposed to do. If you want to fit this under your steering wheel, the glovebox, or wherever else this is the gun magnet you may want to consider purchasing. Bottom Line The White Rhino Gun Magnet Mount is one of the most affordable options that you can find just about anywhere else on the market. You can hide your pistol out of plain sight and still be able to have a safe drive and be confident in knowing that you can carry just about anywhere you go in order to keep yourself safe. The Mytypemag Mount is a safe and reliable car magnet mount. It has a huge holding capacity and is properly coated to keep your weapon secure. Magnet mounts are easy to conceal so that’s obviously an advantage. The magnet is also decently priced, offering good value for money. Best Car Seat Holster: "Vehicle Holster Multi" -Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Adjustable Offers Quick and Easy Access Compatible With Most Holsters Offers High Levels of Concealment Doesn’t Cause Permanent Damage For Installation Cons Problematic With Some Kydex Holsters Can Feel Tight To People With Big Hands What Recent Buyers Report New users were able to attach this pistol between the driver’s seat and the console of their vehicle, thus giving it the perfect place for pistols to be concealed. They said that they had plenty of storage space for their pistols and the installation of the mount was super quick and easy. The hold was a lot stronger than they expected but allowed for easy dismounting according to one user. Why it Stands Out to Us If there is one good place where you can store a pistol, it would be the space in between the driver’s seat and the console. Yes, it may not look like a good amount of space. But it can certainly be nice to store a pistol there so you can keep it out of sight and know that you are prepared for what might be unthinkable. Danger can happen in any given situation. And you may be driving and minding your own business in the process. If you need a holster that will be kept close by and allow you easy access just in case you need it quickly, this mount will probably be the best go-to option for anyone looking to maximize their concealability. The multi-mount vehicle holster features an intelligent and innovative design. The mount can be installed beside the car’s seat and center console and can be adjusted as you adjust your seat. The multi-mount works with holsters and accessories with belt clips, making it convenient to carry guns, knives, cell phones, and other accessories. The holster keeps items positioned within driver’s reach at all times for quick accessibility. The mount works with many holsters so you don’t have to worry about buying a new one. Additionally, this mount offers exceptional concealment, thus protecting your gun from any prying or curious eyes. Who Will Use This Most If you are a concealed carry user that wants to keep a pistol out of plain sight with other occupants in your vehicle, then this mount might be the best possible option. After all, you want to be the only one who is aware that you are carrying (and not anyone who is riding along with you assuming that they don’t know). If anyone else riding with you knows that you carry in your vehicle, they’ll probably feel at peace knowing that they’ll be well-protected. Bottom Line The Vehicle Multi-Mount will probably be one of the better options for anyone who wants to be really serious about conceal carrying a pistol. It’s no secret that this is what every pistol owner wants. And if you want to discreetly carry without anyone else in your vehicle knowing, then you may want to consider putting your hard-earned money into a mount like this. The multi-mount holster is perfect to conceal your weapon next to your seat, so you can access it very quickly. The mount can be adjusted for height and position respective to the seat. The mount works with metal clip holsters only, so please check the product if you have a Kydex holster. Best Magnetic Gun Holster for Car: ​ Keeper Mag Magnetic Gun Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install Rubber Coated Well Made Mount High Concealment Offers Quick Access 35 lbs weight capacity Cons Heavier Guns Might Fall Out On Bumpy Roads What Recent Buyers Report This magnet was perfect for many of the new buyers. It was able to handle most pistols. In short, it’s the closest thing they could get to a universal type holster. Even the installation was easy to do (with people reporting that it took roughly less than 5 minutes to install the magnets). Overall, the pistols were able to stay intact and did not move around at all when their vehicles were in motion. Why it Stands Out to Us Once again, we take a look at a gun mount that will be able to handle the heavy pistols. And it can handle up to 35 pounds or thereabouts. It’s just another simple to install mount that you can place just about anywhere. And it allows for easy access to your pistol just in case you need to quickly reach for it and prepare for what happens next. It won’t get stuck nor will it allow for any movement if and when you are driving from point A to point B. This magnetic gun mount holster is an effective car holster mount for your weapon. It will help you conceal your weapon properly and will also secure it in place due to its large surface area. The magnet works with all gun brands and models, including rifles and shotguns. Use it beneath your dashboard, beside the seat, center console, or inside your trunk. This gun holster will prove effective and can be used inside your car or inside your home or office. The optimum low profile of the mount ensures that you get a proper grip when drawing the firearm. Who Will Use This Most If you want magnetic mounts at a price that won’t suck the life out of your bank account, you may want to consider purchasing these for yourself (or as a gift for someone who does conceal carry). If you are starting out with carrying a pistol in your vehicle, these will leave a lasting first impression. Indeed, they are excellent in quality and will have a holding power that is unmatchable. Bottom Line The Keeper Mag Magnetic Gun Mount is one of a few high-quality mounts that are affordable and will allow for quick and easy installation. You will have quite the field day with this mount when you are trying to install it somewhere. But once all is said and done, you can store your pistol in a place that no one will know where to look. Keep it out of plain sight and away from prying eyes and rest assured that you will be safe against any dangerous situation you may find yourself in. Magnet mounts are a good way to carry a weapon in your car. This magnet mount eliminates the need to buy a holster and keeps your weapon concealed. The high weight tolerance ensures retention of the weapon so handguns will not easily drop. The mount itself is padded, thus preventing any potential damage to your firearm. The mount is a bit overpriced compared to its counterparts, but its quality and size are still worth the money. Best Ride Ready Car Holster: Ride Ready Ambidextrous Genuine Leather Car Holster (Ebay) CHECK LATEST PRICE ON EBAY Pros Easy to Install Ambidextrous Protects the Gun Leather Holster is Durable Offers Limited Concealment No drilling/holes Cons Doesn’t Work With All Cars Holster doesn’t fit accessories What Recent Buyers Report This holster held up pretty good for most users. And they were also able to keep their pistols in place without a single bit of slippage and wiggling around. They also liked the leather material that actually blended in with some of their seat interiors. Other than that, installation took no longer than a few minutes and was easy to adjust to ensure easier access. Why it Stands Out to Us Now, we’ll be taking a look at holsters that include a bit more material than gun mounts. This will be perfect if you want a holster that will be great for concealability but will also do a good job of blending in with your vehicle’s interior. This is mostly designed to fit underneath your seat or in between the driver's seat and the console. It will provide excellent carrying no matter where you go. And if your vehicle comes to an abrupt halt, your pistol will remain in place and won’t fling forward. That’s the beauty of having a holster that keeps your favorite pistol secure no matter where you place it. This Ride Ready car holster is mounted under the steering wheel of your car. It offers quick access and a bit of concealment. The holster is soft on your weapon and is mounted using a nylon strap and it can be replaced if you desire. Moreover, the holster is ambidextrous, meaning you can use it for both right or left hand draw. It is not compatible with vehicles with a steering column airbag and vehicle's molding under the steering wheel must be at least 9" in depth to strap securely. The holster fits most small and large handguns. Who Will Use This Most This will be an excellent holster if you want something that not only carries the pistol safely and with superb retention, but also with a little extra stealth added to the mix. It’s a leather material that is also very sturdy and won’t lose its firmness after a short period of time. You might give this a closer look if this holster looks appealing to you (and if you are impressed with how it functions). Bottom Line The Ride Ready Ambidextrous Genuine Leather Car Holster may not be a gun mount, but it’s a holster that will really come in handy if you are carrying a pistol that you rely on for concealed carry purposes. Add this onto your vehicle somewhere where you can reach for it easily and be prepared for any situation where your life may be in danger. "This Ride Ready" car holster is mounted under the steering wheel of your car. It offers quick access and a bit of concealment. The holster is soft on your weapon and is mounted using a nylon strap and it can be replaced if you desire. Moreover, the holster is ambidextrous, meaning you can use it for both right or left hand draw. It is not compatible with vehicles with a steering column airbag and vehicle's molding under the steering wheel must be at least 9" in depth to strap securely. The holster fits most small and large handguns. Ride Ready car holsters are a good idea, especially for women who carry a weapon in their purse. This holster sits right under your steering wheel, giving you a tactical advantage in case of an emergency. It is secured by elastic straps and has a leather holster, which is ambidextrous. Best Car Holster for Car Center Console: PUG Handgun Holster Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Inexpensive Gun Won’t Fall or Drop Out No Need For An Extra holster Compatible With Many Holsters "Offers Quick Access" and Better Spacing Cons Doesn’t Accept Wide Clips "Doesn’t Work With" Most Kydex Holsters What Recent Buyers Report A lot of new users were able to install this mount in no time flat. Once they were successful, they managed to attach one of their favorite holsters to it without any additional fitting issues. Most of them were carrying compact pistols from brands like Smith and Wesson, Glock, or SIG Sauer. So far, they were quite happy with the mount’s ability to keep hold of certain holsters. These were a perfect fit underneath steering columns and in between the seats and console. Why it Stands Out to Us If you have a holster that can attach to this mount, that’s when you’re able to put it to good use. And with a good compact pistol and a holster that can fit it properly, it’s a perfect match. It’s simple to install and won’t take any complicated measures to make sure that your pistol is property placed wherever you want to keep it. Your car’s center console is the perfect place for mounting a holster, as it is easily accessible and is a safe place for your weapon. This PUG handgun holster mount is perfect and extremely user-friendly. The holster mount can be installed using four screws and is made from high-grade polymer. The mount accepts holsters with metal clips up to 1.25” wide. The mount can also be used for knives, mag pouches, walkie-talkies, and any other relevant item. If you are looking for the cheapest car holster mounting option, this holster mount is for you. Who Will Use This Most This will be ideal for those who want to keep their pistols concealed in a holster but are not comfortable with keeping it out in the open using a magnet. And we won’t blame you one bit if you are one of those kinds of people. If you want real concealability without hindering access to your pistol, use this mount to your advantage. It will be well fit for so many compact pistols that are already concealable enough given their size. Bottom Line The PUG Handgun Holster Mount will handle most holsters and will make concealed carrying in your vehicle a lot easier. You’d be hard-pressed to find any other mount on the market that can handle most holsters that will keep itself in place when attached. Just add on your pistol of choice and you’re good to go no matter where you are and how far you have to travel. The PUG holster mount is an affordable, inexpensive, and effective car holster. The mount eliminates the need for a separate holster for your car. The only problem is it doesn’t work with wide belt clips, like those on Alien Gear Kydex Holsters. 7. SaberSouth Military-Grade Gun Magnet (2-pack) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install Rubber Coated Easy to Conceal Large Surface Area 40 lbs Holding Strength Works With All Handguns and Many Rifles Cons Might Feel Too Thin Sometimes Might Not Work With Some Rifles What Recent Buyers Report New users were those who tend to carry more than one pistol at a time. So they were quite happy when this included two magnets that were designed to hold each pistol that they owned. One user said that while he carries his primary in a hip holster and his secondary on his ankle, this was one of the best magnets that he’s invested in to ensure that he could be able to keep both pistols near him in case he needed to make a quick decision and choose a pistol to defend himself in a dangerous situation. Others have used one and kept the second as a spare in case they needed it for another vehicle (i.e.--belonging to their spouse). Why it Stands Out to Us This is the closest thing you can get to a rough and tough gun magnet. These are made with high-quality materials that can handle all the bumps, scuffs, scratches, and abuse that you can dish out. It will handle most pistols that you carry around regularly for the purpose of EDC carry. And they will come quite in handy once you are driving from point A to point B. For the quick trips or trips across the country, this magnet will hold your pistol without any movement or rattling around. Plus, it’s universal so it can handle any pistol that you can name off the top of your head. This gun magnet from SaberSouth includes a set of two magnets, each of which has a holding capacity of 40 pounds. This makes it good for holding large frame pistols, as well as rifles. The gun magnet can be mounted at discrete positions inside your car, and the large surface area ensures safety while holding larger guns. The mount is compatible with almost all gun brands, and features military grade strength. The gun magnet can be concealed easily and offers a quick draw in tactical emergency situations. Who Will Use This Most At this point, you may be wondering if any holster for your vehicle will fit your pistol of choice. This will eliminate any guesswork and you may as well swipe this for your own personal use. But don’t be surprised if these end up lasting you a few years or even a decade. Because they are the highest in quality compared to other gun magnets on the market. If high-quality and reliable holding is what you want, you’ll get it with this. Bottom Line If you want a gun magnet that will stand the test of time and multiple amounts of use, you’ll have your bases covered with the SaberSouth Military-Grade Gun Magnet. You can use both or one of them so you can be able to have a gun handy no matter which vehicle you drive. Even better, it makes concealed carry in your vehicle all the better. The SaberSouth gun magnet is no doubt a strong magnet mount which helps you to carry all kinds of handguns and some rifles in your car. The military grade features and functionality of this magnet mount make it an exceptional and reliable product. It works with almost all handguns and will be your best bet if you carry a larger handgun. Plus it can also be installed in the trunk to help you carry rifles and shotguns. 8. Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Inexpensive Offers Proper Grip Keeps the Weapon Secure Durable Polymer Construction Adjustable and Reversible Design Installation Hardware Included With Instructions Cons Takes Time To Install Works Only With Alien Gear Holsters What Recent Buyers Report This holster mount was a hit with a good number of users who utilize OWB holsters. These new buyers were owners of compact and even full-sized pistols that would slide their holsters off their waistbands or belts and mount it on this bad boy. One user said that his holster was easy to fit and managed to keep a hold of this pistol even it was attached to this mount. Overall, the installation took about a minute with little use of tools. Why it Stands Out to Us Ever wondered if your OWB holster would fit on a mount while you’re driving from one place to the next? Now you can find the answer with the help of the Cloak Dock. This can be placed almost anywhere in your vehicle where you can hide your pistol. Once you attach the mount, you can attach your favorite OWB holster so you won’t have to deal with any potential discomfort that stems from keeping the holster on your hip while sitting down and driving. And we know how that feels. If discomfort is something that you do not want to deal with, it would be a no-brainer to use this mount. This one is especially for Alien Gear Holster users. This holster mount is compatible and recommended for use with Alien Gear Cloak Dock Paddle Mount holsters. The mount is divided into three sections, which combine to form a bracket. The space inside the bracket can be adjusted to create ample room for operation and different size holsters. The package includes all the accessories and required hardware for installation. The holster mount can be installed on the center console or beneath the glove box, to offer quick access to your weapon. Who Will Use This Most This mount will be perfect for law enforcement or security personnel and even civilians as well. It’s the kind of mount that is solid and will work with any OWB holster that has a solid enough clip to hold itself together. If the clip is a bit flimsy in quality, chances are you may not be able to keep it on the mount for much longer. Bottom Line The Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount is no slouch when it comes to keeping your pistol intact. Once you install this bad boy anywhere in your vehicle, your holster will be able to keep it in place while you are driving from one end of town to another (or if you are taking a much longer road trip). No matter where the roads take you, at least you’ll be prepared for any situation where self-defense is warranted. The Alien Gear Car holster mount is compatible only with "Alien Gear Cloak" Mod holsters. It might work with others if you get lucky, but that’s only a guess. The mount might take time to install, but it does offer quick and smooth access to the firearm. The mount is quite affordable and will work well with bigger cars. What You Need to Know if You Get Pulled Over First of all, gun carry and concealed carry laws across the United States are somewhat jumbled up. Some states allow concealed carry, some allow them with restrictions, and some don’t allow concealed carry at all. So if you’re on a long drive or traveling across many states, you must consider gun laws in every state you might enter. To keep things simple, you only have to remember a couple of tips in case you get pulled over (and always keep your tail light on to prevent getting pulled over unnecessarily!). First, always carry your concealed carry permit aka CCP. This is the best legal supporting document if carrying a weapon in a car holster or anywhere else in your vehicle or on your person. Without that the police have the right to arrest you if a weapon is found. Secondly, when you get pulled over, don’t make instant movements. Law Enforcement officers are trained to react quickly and be suspect of everything they see. Since you’re already carrying a gun, instantaneous movements can get you into serious trouble. Turn off the engine, roll down your window, keep both hands on the steering wheel, and calmly inform the officer when he reaches you, that you have a gun. Ask the officer what next steps he/she would like you to take. These precautions will make things easy for both you and the police officer. Types of Car Holsters There are quite a few different types of car carry options. But for car holsters, we’ll mainly stick to only two. The first type is the strap mount holsters . These holsters can either be strapped or screwed down beside your car seats to hold your gun. The position of these holsters can be changed according to your convenience. It can be beside or beneath the seat. Strap mount holsters however, may have effect on draw times if not placed in the right position. Strap Mount Car Holster ( Source ) The second type is the car holster mounts . These mounts are simple strip or button-like pieces made of strong magnets or metal which can be mounted at any concealed or properly accessible location inside your car. Holster mounts are clearly more versatile than strap mount holsters because they allow you to install them at any desired position inside your car. But these mounts can sometimes cause the gun to fall out of the holster when you drive on very bumpy areas such as off-road or over a pothole. Apart from this, there are products such as small gun safes and car gun vaults which can be used to safely carry a firearm inside your car. A car gun safe can be used to store handguns, and are often protected by passwords or biometric locks. Gun vaults are often installed in the trunk and can be used to carry rifles. Source Conclusion Car holsters are a necessity for people who have to spend much of their time driving a car or truck. IWB and OWB holsters are not always practical inside a car. A good car holster must be easily accessible, easy to conceal , and should hold your firearm properly. Different car holster designs are available on the market which include magnet mounts, holster mounts, ride ready holsters, and gun safes inside the car. However, the final goal is to attain security and comfort. One last thing to remember is to be cautious when being pulled over by law enforcement with a weapon in your vehicle. Always follow instructions and ensure your hands are visible at all times to protect both you and law enforcement personnel.

Best Remington 700 Bipods 2020 Complete Review

Best Remington 700 Bipods  2020 Complete Review

The Model 700 from Remington has enjoyed decades of enduring popularity among the bolt-action rifles in America. One of the first accessories that a Remington 700 owner may purchase is a great bipod. A bipod will assist with a stable and clear shot from various angles, while eliminating unsteadiness or shake while gripping the rifle. With bipods being so diverse, deciding which bipod will suit your weapon and style of shooting means factoring in various constraints and characteristics. In this article, we’ll break down the selection criteria for a good bipod to help you make a well informed decision. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Remington 700 Bipods OUR TOP PICK: Accushot BT10 Atlas Bipod Caldwell Shooting Supplies - XLA Pivot Model Bipods Black UTG Tactical Op Bipod BEST BUDGET OPTION: UTG Synthetic Clamp-on Bi-pod Comparison of the Best Remington 700 Bipods PRODUCT DETAILS Our Top Pick Our Top Pick Accushot BT10 Atlas Bipod Lightweight and compact bipods for quick deployment 30-degree pan and cant adjustment plus 180-degree front-to-back Comes with three mounting options for versatility View Latest Price "Caldwell Shooting Supplies" - XLA " "Pivot Model Bipod" s" Black Height adjustable from 6 to 9 inches and 20-degree pivoting Includes a sling attachment point for easy handling of the gun Lightweight design to add minimal bulk while moving "View Latest Price" UTG Tactical Op Bipod Foldable arms with posi-lock wheel and quick retraction button Rubberizes feet for better grip and pan adjustments Great for tactical operations and hunting on uneven terrain View Latest Price Best Budget Option "Best Budget Option" UTG Synthetic Clamp-on Bi-pod Made from durable zytel and weighs only 6 oz. Clamps around the barrel and works with most guns Folds quickly and offers great value for money View Latest Price What a Good Bipod Can Do For Your Accuracy Bipods are perfect for calculating precise shots before quickly moving onto your next target. They can also help eliminate shakiness that may result from the position in which you hold your rifle while taking aim. Source With the use of a bipod, this also erases the need to put your elbow on the ground or press the rifle’s stock against your shoulder to stabilize the gun while standing. Your accuracy may also be improved due to the fact that a bipod can prevent the gun from jerking with each shot. By getting rid of this recoil distraction, your sights will remain aligned, ready to fire again if needed. Other than stability, a bipod can decrease fatigue. It allows you to be relieved from holding up your gun all the time and frees up your hands to perform other tasks such as changing the magazine. Bipods aid you during long distance shots, turning even a novice shooter into a marksman. What to Look For When Buying a Remington 700 Bipod If you’ve never purchased a bipod before, or want to upgrade your current model, keep in mind the following characteristics while shopping. Durability Purchase a bipod that will last you a long time. The best way to ensure this is to go for a well-known, credible brand that ensures their products with a good warranty. Materials such as high-grade anodized aluminum alloy and stainless steel are great options to ensure high-quality performance. Stability A bipod’s basic function is to provide a stable platform, so if a bipod doesn’t meet this requirement, it’s useless. Rubberized footpads or grips on the legs will absorb vibrations or movements. The ability to swivel your gun allows you more range of motion: up-down and side-to-side. A well-built bipod will provide a firm platform for your gun, allowing you to reduce random, subtle movements and improve your accuracy. Weight The weight of your bipod can be a major factor too. If you find yourself carrying your rifle for long periods of time, every pound adds up. A portable and lightweight bipod should be considered, as long as other critical aspects are not compromised. Source Attachment Type Bipods can come in a variety of mounting options, some of which may not fit your rifle. These can include a swivel stud mount, Picatinny mount systems , and QD (Quick Detach) stud systems. Before making your purchase, check your gun’s attachment compatibility and pull the trigger - pun intended. Height If you prefer shooting off a bench, be sure to go with a shorter bipod length. A medium sized bipod may be better if you’re taller. Using an extremely tall bipod will allow you to shoot comfortably when you are sitting or kneeling. Having a bipod with an adjustable height comes with a major advantage as it will allow you to shoot in a variety of comfortable positions. Not only will this improve your accuracy, it can ensure the process is more enjoyable and relaxed. Features The best bipod for you is one that gets the job done, comfortably and when you need it most. It doesn’t hurt to have a few add-ons to make your life easier though! From spring loaded legs, to position locks, extra features give you more bang for your buck and can offer excellent value to your purchase. Quick Take - The Best Remington 700 Bipods These are our recommendations for the best bipods for the Remington 700: Harris Engineering 1A2-lm Bipod Accushot BT10 Atlas Bipod Caldwell Shooting Supplies - XLA Pivot Model Bipods Black Review of the Best Bipods for the Remington 700 Below is a list of the five best Remington 700 bipods that are currently the most popular on the market. As you go through each one, you should note any characteristics and features. That way, if you find one that matches your ideal description you’ll know that it will be a winning choice. Now we’re going to move onto the review section of our article and outline the top products that made our list for the best bipods for the Remington 700. With this, we’re going to outline some of the pros and cons according to each model, then highlight the main features of each product. Now, let’s unveil the first choice on our list: Best Overall: Harris Engineering 1A2-lm Bipod CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Super durable construction Provides exceptional stability Easily adjusts to various heights Keeps itself straight on uneven ground Perfect when you are hunting or target shooting Fast setup Light and compact Cons Adapters for Picatinny rails are sold separately The lever that connects it to the gun gets loose with repeated shots What Recent Buyers Report A lot of new buyers had no complaints about the bipod at all. The construction is solid and it was able to handle their Remington 700 rifles with ease. The quick attachment and detachment are other features that most of the new users were quite impressed with. On top of that, they managed to hit accurate and precise shots from impressive ranges (100 to 300 yards for most shooters). Why it Stands Out to Us This bipod is perhaps one of the more sturdier builds on the market. So, it can likely handle some rifles that are heavier in weight. With its ability to adjust heights between 9 to 13 inches, this thing can be built like a sturdy tower that stands tall and sees pretty much everything within a good radius. The problem is that it doesn’t have a 360 swivel. But, you can still line it up so you can take on the bigger game targets that are large and would require little adjustments to make the shots line up perfectly. Like all Harris bipods, this model is well-built and very reliable. It’s made from anodized aluminum and high carbon steel, and comes in a black finish. It mounts to QD swivel studs on bolt action and single-shot rifles, and won't change the zero of the rifle. The spring-loaded, telescoping legs adjust quickly and fold parallel to the gun’s barrel while collapsed. The bipod has buffer springs, adjustable tension on the hinged base, and rubber feet to help eliminate tremor. The bipod comes in 2 series: the 1A2 bipods, which have a solid base and does not swivel or rotate, and the Series S bipods, which rotates 45° for instant leveling on uneven ground. The stand height is 9” to 13”. Who Will Use This Most This would make an excellent bipod for deer hunters. It doesn’t matter if you are laying low to the ground or set up with a bench. You set this bad boy up for some good old fashioned all-day hunting and you will not be disappointed. Plus, the bipod doesn’t care if you are on flat pavement or lumpy, grassy soft ground. This puppy can stay stable for a good long time so long as you have control over your rifle. Bottom Line The Harris 1A2-LM Bipod proves itself as being one of the big shots on the list. You’ve got the durability, the stability, and the ease to adjust this sucker to a pretty impressive height. All you have to do now is find your next big hunting target and knock that bad boy right into the ground. This bipod means serious business, and you can’t expect anything less of it. Runner-up: Accushot BT10 Atlas Bipod CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Superior durability Aesthetically sharp Really fluid and easy adjustments Perfect for hunters and target shooters Excellent for on the ground or bench shooting Easy to attach/remove One handed operation Solid and easy to adjust It has interchangeable feet for different terrain Cons Attachment can be a bit of a challenge Rubber feet may slip at times on flat, solid ground The legs get wobbly the more you extend them Some users report that they could not loosen the swivel/tilt screw "What Recent Buyers" Report New buyers were pretty happy with the bipod in general. They pointed out that the stability was nice and stout. Plus, they had no complaints in regards to the adjustability. Most of the new users were typically shooters who tend to lay low on the ground so they don’t give away their position. One user said that he had no problem making the right height adjustments to get a good look at his targets without having to adjust himself. So far, he has yet to scare off a deer on account of giving away his position. Why it Stands Out to Us This bipod is made from high-quality aluminum that is lightweight, but not weak in the slightest. Here’s the thing about aluminum: depending on the type, it’s tough as nails and makes accessories like this built like a tank. In other words, you’re not going to worry about this lasting you a short time. You’re probably going to have this handy in a few years or even a decade from now. The rubber feet are pretty solid and allow for stability most of the time. So if anything, you’re getting a good amount of reliability out of the whole deal. This thing falling apart in a time when you need it most? Not a chance. This bipod from Accushot is both lightweight and versatile. It fits rifles using three different attachment options: a quick-detach Picatinny lever mount, a more permanent two-screw Picatinny mount, or a No-Clamp mounting option. The No-Clamp option fits any 17S lever-style mount when using the proper adapter (sold separately). The bipod is made from aluminum and stainless steel locking components and has rubber feet for extra grip. The independently-adjustable, five-position legs extend from 5" to 9" and allows up to 180° of front-to-back adjustment. It pans 30° left or right for smooth target tracking, plus 30° of cant adjustment makes it easy to align your crosshairs, regardless of terrain. Who Will "Use This Most" This Remington 700 bipod will in all likelihood be a favorite among hunters. But it won’t shock us in the slightest if someone with a good deal of marksmanship skills will snag this up and try his or her hand at some target shooting. A Remington 700 can travel a good distance. But a long-range sniper rifle it is not. If you want to down a whitetail deer from about 300 yards or thereabouts, there is no question that you’ll be able to get it done. Bottom Line The Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod is for real. It can definitely work well with so many Remington 700 rifles in any given application. The solid construction of this thing is just a sight to behold. And if you can get it to adjust at the right height that you desire, you’re setting yourself up for some long-term, no-hassle shooting. Why settle for less when you can get something that is sturdy, easy to adjust, and can make low lying shooting an enjoyable task? Best for the Money: Caldwell Shooting Supplies - XLA Pivot Model Bipods Black CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Smooth, fluid pivoting Super solid construction Affordable for most budgets Perfect for pretty much any given purpose Easily adjustable height, ranges from 6 to 9 inches Durable Lightweight Fast and easy to deploy Compensates for un-level ground - great for hunters Cons The pivot is difficult to lock Some users note that the tension on the swivel is not high enough ​ What Recent Buyers Report Most of the new buyers were obviously not the cheapskate kind. If they were, they would settle for something with atrocious quality. But not these buyers. They were smart enough to invest in the best quality and performance they can afford. They got more than what they’ve paid for. Even one user said that the construction is super sturdy and really kept itself stable with every shot fired. Furthermore, they had no issues with attaching or detaching the rifle itself. And it managed to maintain all kinds of stability regardless of the height. Adjustments are smooth, don’t stick, and are enough to make low lying shooters see better without making their own adjustments. Why it Stands Out to Us This may look like one of those tall, lanky, easy to wobble kind of bipods on paper. But shockingly enough, this sucker can still stand tall on any ground condition. So, if you are on a bumpy kind of terrain with dead grass, cattails and the whole nine yards or if you are on flat ground this is a bipod that will still remain stable throughout every use. And that means accurate and precise shooting. Let’s not forget, you can get good clean kill shots from distances that even some shooters would never think of reaching. The Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod is made from aluminum and features spring-loaded legs that deploy in an instant. It has a black finish and is adjustable from 6” to 9” tall while having the ability to be pivoted by 20 degrees. It also includes a sling-connection point that allows any firearm to be securely attached using a sling swivel stud. Who Will Use This Most It’s probably a good hunting bipod for the newbies starting out. If you’re among the many that have never used a bipod before hunting, you’re looking at what could be a starter model. Whether you stick with it for the long-term or not is up to you. Plus, at the price it’s going for, you are basically getting a steal. Imagine getting a sports car that runs great, looks brand new and is sold at a discount price (not too cheap, though). Yeah, it’s got the goods, and it’s all for a price that you can afford. Bottom Line The Caldwell Shooting Supplies XLA Pivot Model Bipod is not just a great bipod, it’s a bipod that might be the best friend you’ve never had the chance to take hunting until now. This thing is stable, allows for accurate and precise shooting, and most importantly it’s one of the best quality bipods that won’t suck the life out of your bank account. Need we say more? 4. UTG Tactical Op Bipod CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Sturdy and really well built Allows for excellent stability Affordable on most budgets Super easy to extend the legs Perfect for hunting and target shooting Easy to pack up and stow Adapts to Picatinny and swivel studs Cons Panning may be a little tight at first Might be a little heavier than most bipods May not be suitable for rifles that have 30 capacity mags Rubber feet can leave marks What Recent Buyers Report Recent buyers were pretty happy seeing how well this bipod worked. In fact, they were pretty surprised when they noticed that they can attach a heavy rifle to it. Shooting wise, the accuracy and precision at various distances was an even greater possibility. Even some hunters were excited to get some accurate, clean kill shots out of the whole deal. So in essence, it’s a hunter’s bipod that gets the job done when needed. Why it Stands Out to Us This bipod is yet another one that is easy to adjust in height while standing tall. Not only that, you’ve got fluid adjustments that can be advantageous to you depending on which position you’re comfortable with shooting. Prone position? No problem. Bench shooting? OK, no issue with that. It’s versatile, solid, and reliable in any given situation that warrants a bipod. What’s not to love about it? This durable and conveniently designed bipod will upgrade your accuracy by enhancing the stability of your rifle. The dual-mounting design allows both Picatinny and swivel stud mounting systems, while the aluminum construction and steel-top platform ensures durability. The foldable arms feature spring tension control, and the Posi-Lock wheel works well with the quick retraction button to make setup and take down a breeze. The rubber feet offer excellent grip and the twist knobs make adjusting height very straightforward. The legs collapse parallel to the barrel too, making for a sleek, tight storage while it’s not in use. Overall, it weighs 13.3-ounces and comes with a limited one-year manufacturer's warranty. Who Will Use This Most This will in all likelihood be a good beginner bipod for hunters. At some point, you can keep it around or upgrade to something better looking (which you probably won’t). It’s sturdy enough to last you a long time and it allows for excellent portability. It’s affordable as well, so you have yet another good option in case you are on a budget. Bottom Line UTG Tactical OP Bipod is probably going to end up in a tug of war battle with the Caldwell at some point over which bipod will be the best for budget users. Until then, you can decide between the two if push comes to shove. But mind you, this bipod can be favorable for rifles that are a bit heavier in weight. Since it’s a bit weighty itself, that comes as no surprise. 5. UTG Synthetic Clamp-on Bi-pod CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Extremely light in weight Allows for excellent stability Super durable construction Easy to clamp around most barrels Perfect for hunting and target shooting Easy to carry and store Cons Feet may not grip very well Some have dismissed this as cheap and flimsy Might not be able to handle the recoil of large rifles What Recent Buyers Report A lot of new buyers were looking for a starter bipod that was good for target shooting and deer hunting. They found this bipod and they were pretty satisfied with the overall use. They were able to clamp on their Remington 700 rifles and keep it stable. Even one user said that he takes this to the range if and whenever he gets the chance. So far, he likes it for the stability and also the overall durable construction. Why it Stands Out to Us This bipod had a bit of a wide stance to it. That isn’t much of an issue if you hold stability to high importance. Plus, it just might be one of the best bipods you can use if you want something that allows for a quick and easy setup. All you have to do is clamp your rifle on and you’ll be in business. This is a great bipod for budget-conscious buyers, but keep in mind that it is not as durable or strong as the other models on our list. The bipod is made from Zytel and weighs only 6 ounces. It clamps around barrels and fits most guns, while being portable enough to be carried in your bag or pocket. This bipod is very inexpensive and will get the job done while meeting minimum standards. Who Will Use This Most This would be excellent for those looking for an affordable starter bipod for their Remington 700 rifle. It will do great for target shooting and even some hunting applications. If stability is what’s important, you’ll know that it can lead to better chances of hitting your targets accurately and more effectively. How can you possibly say no to that? Bottom Line The UTG Synthetic Clamp-On Bipod is an excellent bipod that can be great for most applications. While it probably will be used for years until you decide to upgrade to a better one, you can enjoy its ability to keep your rifle upright and stable in pretty much any application that warrants the use of a bipod. Advantages and Disadvantages of Remington 700 Bipods A bipod is not for everyone - but for those interested, let’s take a look at how you can decide if one is right for you. Advantages Owning a Remington 700 bipod has its own common advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to know what they are before you purchase one for your own use. First, let’s take a look at the advantages: Better Accuracy It’s no secret why so many shooters are relying on bipods these days. You have a pretty good idea of how accurate your shots are going to be on your rifle. But the question is: is the rifle stable enough to make sure they are consistently hitting those targets at such a specific range. So long as you have a bipod that is stable, you will be able to achieve better accuracy. The Best in Stability This is pretty much one of the chief purposes of a bipod. You are getting an accessory that will be best for achieving stability while assuming certain shooting positions (i.e.--prone position or bench shooting). The legs will be sturdy enough to plant itself into the ground to ensure that you are stable no matter how bumpy the ground is. Great For Any Type of Terrain Whether you are using it on flat, solid ground or on bumpy, uneven ground covered in dead grass these bipods will be able to cooperate. Most of them have rubberized stakes or feet that you can plant into the ground easily. And if you are able to easily place the bipod on any type of ground, you know that you have a bipod that is solid in construction. Disadvantages Of course, disadvantages are all part of the game. Yes, there are good things about Remington 700 bipods. And there are also not so good things. But that shouldn’t discourage you to get one anyways. Here are some disadvantages to know about: Not Suitable For Short Distance Shooting If you think a bipod is something you’ll need for targets south of 100 yards, then you might need to re-think your need for one. These bipods are typically used if you are dealing with targets that are situated about 100 yards or more (depending on the target). Anything shorter in distance, your bipod will likely become a liability rather than an asset. Recoil May Sharpen Everyone knows that recoil is perhaps one of the not so great things regarding any rifle. But making it worse is the last thing you want to happen. Some bipods will be responsible for making recoil slightly sharper. Yes, while your rifle will be stable and won’t jump around all over the place, your shoulder probably won’t appreciate the hard hits it’s taking. Conclusion The best part of shooting is becoming one with your gun and alive in the moment. Finding that perfect shot and taking it without hesitation means being in complete control. The right bipod can be an integral part of any shooting experience with your Remington 700, so make sure that you consider the factors outlined above when shopping for a new bipod. The main points to keep in mind include height, stability, and weight. We hope this review has been helpful in your decision making process and has contributed toward your new bipod. Best of luck to you!

The 4 Most Comfortable Shoulder Holsters – Reviews 2020 Photo by Zorin Denu / CC BY As you already know a shoulder holster is a type of holster rig that is designed to carry your handgun under one arm and spare magazines or speed loaders under the other arm. This is a very convenient set up since your gun and spare ammunition is always with you, and also because it’s easier to draw your weapon when sitting down or in a car in contrast to having your gun on your hip. However, a major issue that exists with shoulder holsters, despite their versatility, is comfort. No shoulder holster is created equal and no shoulder holster is certainly created with the same levels of comfort. Obviously the only person who can decide which specific shoulder holster system is the most comfortable for you yourself, but to provide you with some suggestions, we have a list of four shoulder holsters that in addition to having a reputation for ruggedness and durability are also well liked for their added comfort. These are, in our humble opinion, the most comfortable shoulder holsters on the market. UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster UTG LE Grade Universal "Horizontal Shoulder Holster" , Black Price: $16.28 Price as of 08/14/2020 03:17 PDT (more info) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. This is one of the most basic (and budget-friendly) shoulder holsters that you can buy. It sells for a little less than twenty and is constructed out of PVC, so it’s not exactly going to be the longest lasting shoulder holster on the market. On the other hand, it comes equipped with a lot of the same features, such as being completely adjustable and able to swap the holster and mag carries from the left to right arm, that you would expect on a higher priced holster. For someone on a serious budget, this is one of the most practical and comfortable shoulder holsters available. New Barsony Leather Shoulder Holster Barsony Brown Leather Cross Harness Shoulder Holster for Walther PPS Right Price: $52.99 Price as of 08/14/2020 03:17 PDT (more info) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. The New Barsony Leather shoulder holster is designed primarily for concealed carry and for compact automatic pistols. Guns like the Glock 26, the S&W Shield and the Walther PPS are the perfect candidates for this should holster (though, it fits tons of other ones too; just pick your gun from a list). Its leather design means it will last through both thick and thin, and it’s designed to minimize the outline of the weapon and provide deep concealment. A small leather snap and button retains the weapon as it rides horizontally. What makes the holster exceptionally comfortable is the way it was designed. On the shoulder where the weapon will be carried you’ll see a thickly padded section of strap that is much wider than the rest of the holster. The wide strap helps balance the weight of the gun and keeps it comfortable day in and day out. Hands down, this is one of the best and most comfortable shoulder holsters out there. New Barsony Shoulder Holster Watch this video on YouTube

DI Optical: South Korean Red Dot Sights Enter the US Market

I just ran across a company new to the red dot market: DI Optical The US branch of DIO is importing and distributing the line of DI Optical’s red dot sight to the US. Of key interest is the standard of quality which their products adhere to: MIL-STD-810 MIL-STD-810 addresses a broad range of environmental conditions that include: low pressure for altitude testing; exposure to high and low temperatures plus temperature shock (both operating and in storage); rain (including wind blown and freezing rain); humidity, fungus, salt fog for rust testing; sand and dust exposure; explosive atmosphere; leakage; acceleration; shock and transport shock; gunfire vibration; and random vibration. The standard describes environmental management and engineering processes that can be of enormous value to generate confidence in the environmental worthiness and overall durability of a system design. – Wikipedia So in other words, these are built to an environmental specification that gives us confidence in the ability of the optic to hold up under the specific testing of MIL-STD-810. Think of this as a basic pedigree under which these optics can attest to their durability. This is exciting news as this gives the shooter a new optical product held to a standard of quality above the low end Chinese imports. Best of all? The price. Primary Arms lists the RV-1 for $219 dollars which is currently sold out. This optic looks like the equivalent of an AIMPOINT COMP-M4 without the high price. DI Optical RV-1 I emailed DI Optical for a test sample so we can get some pics up close and personal of this product, so let’s see if they send me something to examine. They have a variety of interesting red dot designs on the rifle end, as well as a tempting machine gun optic with a quick range dial integrated into the optic. Hopefully they are giving the American shooter something that’s a reliable “working mans” RDS that won’t send us into crippling debt. Keep an eye out for DI Optical in the future. Share: Google Twitter Facebook Pinterest Reddit More Tumblr LinkedIn Pocket Email Print


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